Negros Oriental Natural Attractions

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Lag-it Beach, Bais City, Negros Oriental

A magnificent 7-kilometer stretch of powder-white sand that disappears in the clear water at high tide, a unique adventure for swimmers.

White Sand Reef, Bais City, Negros Oriental
Its shoreline is a vast stretch of powder-white sand and sparkling azure waters; ideal for swimming and diving.

Camangyawon Beach, Basay, Negros Oriental
Fine white sand beach bracketed by twin rivers that hug the island in Camangyawon, a municipal fish port complex located in the area.

Nagbo-alao Cave and Beach, Basay, Negros Oriental
Fine pebbled beach line with prominent rock formations and coves just off the highway; reached by interesting foot paths.

Antulang Beach, Siaton, Negros Oriental

Strip of white pebble beaches between Zamboanguita and Siaton; interesting rock formations on the beach; clear waters and underwater scenery ideal for snorkeling.

Talisay Beach Park, Bacong, Negros Oriental
Popular public resort operated by the Bacong Municipal Government. Has a coconut grove and gardens, with cottages for picnic goers; three houses perched atop Talisay trees for longer-term accommodation. Usual take-off point for visits to nearby Negros Oriental Arts and Heritage (NOAH) stone craft factory, sinamay weaving center, and the Bacong Church.

Tambobo Beach, Siaton, Negros Oriental

Located along Bonbonon Bay, it is a good site for windsurfing, scuba diving, and sailing; cottages amid the white pebbled beach, with a restaurant to serve beach enthusiasts.

Apo Island Beach Resort, Dauin, Negros Oriental

Formerly known as Kan-Upe Cove Resort, this is an internationally acclaimed dive site with 8 regular and honeymoon cottages. The 12-hectare island has a hilly terrain and white-pebbled lagoon. The Balwarte Rocks and Negros Oriental Marine Conservation Park, with its spectacular coral gardens and marvelous marine life, are consistent crowd drawers. Apo island is accessible by a 35-minute boat ride from Zamboaguita.

San Moritz Beach, Agan-Agan, Sibulan, Negros Oriental
Swimming and beachcombing area with five naturally ventilated cottages for rent, with balcony and bathroom, under shady trees; game room available.

Mina’s Undersea World, Zamboanguita, Negros Oriental
200 yards from the beach is a veritable marine garden for snorkeling and swimming. In this area are water tanks with white sea turtles and other marine creatures.

Banica Swimming Lagoon, Valencia, Negros Oriental

Two river-fed swimming pools in a garden setting, with restrooms and a canteen. A favorite hangout of picnic goers due to its proximity to Dumaguete City.

Pasaka-an Spring, Mabinay, Negros Oriental
A poblacion landmark spring-fed lake amid a forested area, ideal for picnics and bathing. The spring is the town’s main source of potable water.

San Isidro Hot Spring, Tanjay, Negros Oriental
Hot spring bordered by mangroves, located in Barangay San Isidro.

Inyawan Enchanted Falls, Canlaon City, Negros Oriental
Flows 100 feet off Inyawan River at the edge of a forest. Cold and clear waters cascade downstream to join Masaulog River.

Quiapot Falls, Canlaon City, Negros Oriental
Bottle-shaped water cascade about 100 feet; largest of three neighboring waterfalls fed by the Binalbagan, Malaiba, and Linothangan tributaries; deep basin ideal for swimming and boating.

Pulang Bato Falls, Valencia, Negros Oriental

Cool clear waters cascading over reddish rock formations, creating an awesome two-toned waterfalls.

Casaroro Falls, Valencia, Negros Oriental

Cool waters cascade down to a swimming basin, almost enclosed by steep precipices and lush vegetation. Hikers traverse an adventurous nature trail. Considered the province’s most photographed falls.

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